Pharaoh’s Fortune Review

Pharaohs Fortune slot

The online version of Pharaohs Fortune slot

Pharaoh’s Fortune is arguably the most iconic Egyptian themed slot game on the online gaming market in this current day and after playing it for a short amount of time it is easy to see why.

The slot is a 5 reel and 10 pay-line title. The number of pay-lines in the game doubles to 20 pay-lines during the Free Spins Bonus Round which adds a twist. The game has a very classic Las Vegas slot game feel to it. Players that were introduced to slot games through the franchised-based games developed by Playtech and IGT might endure a slight culture shock when playing Pharaoh’s Fortune but those players that cut their teeth on the land-based slots and the classic slot titles released online will not be able to get enough of this slot. It is quite amusing that in all the nostalgic game play and visuals, the audio plays The Bangles’ hit 1980s theme song “Walk Like an Egyptian” in the background as the reels spin.


Symbols in Pharaoh’s Fortune are typically based on the ancient Egyptian theme. The symbols take on the form of a hieroglyphics presentation. Symbols include Pharaoh, Scarab, Cleopatra, a chariot, snake and other animals.

The Pharaoh’s Fortune Bonus Round is activated when the player hits three Pharaoh symbols on reels 1, 2 and 3. The player is then taken to a screen where they must choose from a selection of stones to reveal additional multipliers and free spins before entering the Free Spins Round. The player automatically has 3 free spins with a 1x multiplier and any free spins or multipliers achieved in the Pharaoh’s Fortune Bonus Round will be added to this tally for the start of the Free Spins Round. During the Pharaoh’s Fortune Bonus Round, the player can reveal up to 19 free spins and up to a 6x multiplier.

The free spins during the Free Spins Round can also be re-triggered so there is always the chance for the player to win big. The wilds could also give the player the opportunity of a big win if they appear on the reels during the Free Spins Round too.


Pharaoh’s Fortune is not the most volatile game around but it is very addictive. The player will easily become pulled in by the lure of trying to gain access to the potentially lucrative Pharaoh’s Fortune Bonus Round and Free Spins Round. There is also always that small chance that the five wild symbols will appear across the reels and gift a huge win.

It is easy to see why IGT decided to stick with the Egyptian themed slot games when they released Cleopatra and Cleopatra 2 because this game is one of the most popular around. Few slots out there can claim to be as addictive as Pharaoh’s Fortune and whilst it might not be one of the most complex slots around, it does thrive in its simplicity and the players keep coming back for more.